Melissa Sarkies – FounderMelissa with medal post Roma Marathon 2013

My dream of running a marathon overseas came true in March of 2013. In previous years I thought about the idea of such a thing. After running marathon after marathon for eleven years I began thinking about where the next one would take me. Oh sure, visiting every state was in the back of my mind, but then I heard someone talking about her experience in the Paris marathon. I was excited when I thought about the possibility, but overwhelmed when I thought about the logistics of such a trip. My husband, whom I met while I was Director of Operations with the Purdue Women’s Basketball Team, has twenty years of experience planning foreign tours for basketball teams. I have been so lucky to have traveled with him the past nine years and gained experience along the way. With the help of my wonderful husband, Jason, we planned our trip to Rome. I registered for the marathon, we booked our hotel, airfare and before I knew it, we were ready for our first adventure. As we spent time in Rome, I grew excited for the marathon and everything that came with being there. Roma is such a beautiful and wonderful city. It’s ancient history, churches, piazzas, friendly people, beautiful works of art and of course, the delicious food all make for an enchanting visit. As the marathon day approached, it made me think about others having the opportunity to experience all the wonders I was experiencing while there for the marathon. As I ran through Ancient Rome taking in all the sites, listening to the different languages of the runners I realized I wanted to continue experiencing other foreign marathons and help others do the same. Thus came the fruition of Run the World.

The picture above is me with the Maratona de Roma medal after the marathon. It was a wonderful experience. One that I will cherish always. I hope you choose to have the same experience as I did. Run the World with us!

Melissa started her journey as a runner in 2002 and completed the Chicago Marathon. She ran that for six consecutive years along with seven half marathons including the Nashville Music City Half Marathon as well as three Indianapolis Mini Marathons. After moving to Seattle to pursue her passion of helping people in the fitness world, she became a personal trainer/manger of a private personal training studio. Currently she still helps people achieve a healthier state of being as a Health, Fitness and Life Coach while overseeing two personal training studios in the Seattle Area. As Director of Studios she has been able to share her passion for a healthier life with others by encourage walking and running or whatever each person needs to maintain that healthy lifestyle. She has helped many clients complete their first marathons as well as half marathons. Her marathon credentials include the San Diego Marathon, Seattle Marathon, Victoria BC Marathon as well as the Florence Marathon. She has also completed longer distances up to 50K trail running over the past couple of years. She is still running marathons and hopes to complete thirty in total in the next few years. Melissa has been an active runner for over thirteen years now and hopes to continue for many more on the road and trails in this beautiful world.